Bibi's Concert Series

a different approach to classical music

Bibi's Concert Series aims to promote the understanding and appreciation of classical music for everyone.


We so much enjoy listening to the great works of classical music. But when we go to a concert, what do we really know about it? What does the music tell us? The concert piece we listen to - do we know that each instrument is talking to us? That a Mozart symphony is as precise as a mathematical equation?

Bibi's Concert Series is designed to illustrate the development and meaning of classical music, its composition, its structure and the historical context in which it developed. The concerts are interactive, with commentary on the form, structure and tonalities of classical music. Equally important, the concerts are arranged to appeal to the individual and to the whole family as well. The Concert Series is held in English, and lasts approximately 60 minutes.


The following artists that have participated in the series: Czech Philharmonic Chamber Orchestra, Martina Kocianova, Trio Amadeus, Ivana Pelić.

…and more on Bibi's Concert Series and Bibi's profile in Bibi Pelic's musical morning in the Suk - The Prague Post November 27, 2003

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