The music choice for the new album 'As You Like It' was combining music from different genres, starting with the classic Thaïs meditation' by Jules Massenet, the Love Theme from Superman by John Williams and the exciting Brazilian Tico Tico! In this album there are also two music pieces never recorded before. One of them is the Bosnian Fiddler - a music piece whereby the classic violin imitates a traditional Central Asian string instrument that found it's way to the Balkans. The other piece is a song written by pianist Jan Frank - a fantastic song belonging more to the pop genre! This is a music album that you can listen to at different occasions: whether you're driving your car, entertaining friends at home or just working at the computer and need a relaxing background.

CD Romance
1. Traditional: El Cóndor Pasa
2. Jules Massenet: Thaïs Meditation
3. Franz von Vecsey: Valse triste
4. Antonín Dvořák: Romantic piece No. 3
5. Antonín Dvořák: Humoresque
6. Fritz Kreisler: Toy Soldier March
7. Fritz Kreisler: Marche Miniature Viennoise
8. Vittorio Monti: Csárdás
9. Johannes Brahms: Hungarian Dance No. 5
10. Franjo Krežma: Bosnian Fiddler (Bosanski Guslar)
11. John Williams: Can you read my mind (Love theme from Superman)
12. Leonard Bernstein: I Feel Pretty
13. Jan Frank: The Man I Love
14. Zequinha de Abreu: Tico-Tico no Fubá
Bibi Pelić - violin  
Jan Frank - piano Listen to Samples and Buy

Just a quick note to say I really enjoyed your concert last night - it was terrific fun and the CD is just great, I have been playing it in my office today! Well done!
Sasha Stepanova

Hey Bibi. My parents received your records yesterday. It was a wonderful surprise and they absolutely loved it. Thanks!
Pablo Gil

The 'Fantasy' Album is special as my music collaborator is no one other than my sister Ivana. Playing together since early childhood, it was time to do a joint Album. We enjoyed recording this together! The album starts with the beautiful, delicate miniatures by croatian countess Dora Pejačević, one of the first woman composers. Dora studied music in Zagreb, Dresden and Munich, befriended many prominent artists, aristocrats of the time and these miniatures were dedicated to her friends. Dora Pejačević's colourful and rich life was depicted in the Croatian biographical movie 'Countess Dora'
The Album title was taken from the Album highlight: 'Fantasy on the Tales of Hoffman', a transcription of Jacques Offenbach's famous opera by violin virtuoso Franz Drdla. Drdla wrote this Fantasy masterfully, showing off the rich and colourful arias with a brilliant violin technique. Listen to the famous Barcarolle, an imagine you are sitting in a gondola in Venice! At my concerts this piece evokes many bravos!

CD Fantasy
Dora Pejačević (1885 -1923): Four miniatures
1. Canzonetta (1899)
2. Menuett (1904)
3. Romance (1907)
4. Elegy (1913)
František Drdla
5. Fantasy op.73 on 'The Tales of Hoffmann' by Offenbach
Bibi Pelić - violin  
Ivana Pelić - piano Listen to Samples and Buy

I had been playing duets with the guitar for a few years prior to this Album. Along the way I discovered great music written for both instruments , original compositions as well as arrangements. As a result 'A Bit of Romance' was born! It has been a great favourite with audiences all over the world all these years. My idea for this Album was to create a music selection for pure enjoyment. Listen to the delicate Pavane by Fauré, the serene Ave Marias or the devilish sonata by Niccolò Paganini. Did you know Paganini played the guitar as good as he did the violin? Among the tracks you will find an unusual arrangement of Vivaldi's Winter - the violin and guitar exchanged roles so you will hear the guitar play the main theme - I took the role of the accompanist and just pluck the strings! As a special addition you will find three miniatures by Croatian countess Dora Pejačević for violin and piano. While you listen to the miniatures, imagine you are sitting in the music salon of a castle! I am happy to have been accompanied by my sister Ivana, who is a very accomplished pianist.

CD Romance
1. Gabriel Fauré: Pavane
2. Franz Schubert: Ave Maria
3. Niccolò Paganini: Sonata in a minor for violin & guitar
4. Niccolò Paganini: Introduzione. Tempo di marcia ; Rondoncino Allegro
5. Antonín Dvořák: Romantic pieces
6. Antonio Vivaldi: Winter from the Four Seasons
7. Joseph Haydn: Serenade
8. Antonín Dvořák: Humoresque
9. Giovanni Brandi: Romance
10. J.S. Bach - Ch. Gounod: Ave Maria
11. Camille Saint-Saëns: The Swan
12. Dora Pejačević: Romance
13. Dora Pejačević: Menuett
14. Dora Pejačević: Canzonetta
Bibi Pelić - violin  
Ozren Mutak - guitar [1-11]  
Ivana Pelić - piano [12-14] Listen to Samples and Buy

This was a big project with the immense satisfaction of recording three wonderful violin concertos. My aim was to show the development of the violin concerto through centuries. Bach's double concerto for 2 violins and orchestra is well-known, but the concertos by Ivan Mane Jarnović (Giovanni Mane Giornovichi) and Louis Spohr were less known and I wanted to present these great works to a wider public. The three concertos are simply my favourites and hope they become yours too!
The Concerto for 2 Violins, Strings and Continuo in D Minor, BWV 1043, also known as the Double Concerto, is perhaps one of Bach's most famous works. Bach wrote it between 1730 and 1731 when he was the cantor at the Thomasschule at St.Thomas Church, in Leipzig, Germany. A wonderful dialogue between the 2 violins takes place accompanied by an ever present orchestra. It is considered among the best examples of the work of the late Baroque period.
The Jarnovic concerto is just something special. Ivan Mane Jarnović (Italian: Giovanni Mane Giornovichi) (26 October 1747 – 23 November 1804) was a virtuoso violinist-composer of the 18th century of Croatian origin. He performed in almost all the major centres including Paris, Berlin, Warsaw, St. Petersburg, Vienna, Stockholm, London etc. Jarnović is considered the epitome of the artist bon vivant. His place of birth is not precisely known: he was born either in Palermo or at sea en route from Dubrovnik to Palermo, Sicily. Much loved amongst the aristocratic s of the time, he was known for living life to the fullest. Jarnović died in St. Petersburg, Russia apparently at the billiard table.
The violin concerto depicts his joyful, happy nature as well as his immense skills as a violinist. Listen to the beautiful 2nd movement as well as the joyous 1st and 3rd ones - it might remind you of the early Mozart.

CD The Violin
Johann Sebastian Bach: Concerto for 2 Violins, Strings and Continuo in D minor BWV 1043
1. Vivace
2. Largo ma non tanto
3. Allegro
Ivan Mane Jarnović (Giovanni Mane Giornovichi): Concerto No.2 for Violin and Orchestra in D Major
4. Allergo
5. Adagio
6. Allegretto
Louis Spohr: Concerto No.8.Op47 in A Minor "in the form of a vocal scene"
7. Allegro molto
8. Adagio; Andante
9. Allegro moderato
Bibi Pelić - violin  
Moravian Philharmonic Orchestra  
Antonin Hradil, Bibi Pelić - violins [Bach 1-3]  
Jaroslav Kyzlink - conductor Listen to Samples and Buy

My CD debut Album! It was done at the time I finished my studies. The summer of '95 I was doing a concert tour with renowned czech pianist František Malý and we decided to record the music we were playing: sonatas by Bach and Beethoven, a contemporary croatian sonata by Juraj Stahuljak and finishing off with Tschaikovsky's famous Valse Scherzo. The idea behind the Album was to create an overview of classical music starting with Bach, to Juraj Stahuljak and the 20th century.
The Bach Sonata for violin and piano represents two equal partners, the piano not just being an accompanying instrument. Bach wrote the sonata during his stay in Cöthen, Germany 1717-1723. All of his instrumental works stem from that time. I love the mystery of this sonata - listen to the Siciliano, a beautiful, mystic piece.
Beethoven's violin sonata - pure joy! Beethoven wrote his violin sonatas during a relatively short period in his creative life. This sonata is his third one, written in 1799 and dedicated to the famous Antonio Salieri - you probably know him from the movie Amadeus, the "bad guy" who was doing his outmost to stop Mozart's career. History is a bit different, of course...
The sonata by 20th century croatian composer Juraj Stahuljak came to my attention through his son who at the time was the Croatian ambassador to Prague. The sonata is romantic and intimate by nature. Croatian folk themes are interwoven in the composition bringing a special rhythm and atmosphere.
The CD concludes with Tschaikovsky's famous Valse scherzo. When you hear this lovely piece, imagine a Tschaikovsky ballet, a flowing melody with a special glitter.

CD Violin Recital
J.S. Bach: Sonata IV in c minor BWV 1017 for violin & piano
1. Siciliano largo
2. Allegro
3. Adagio
4. Allegro
L.v. Beethoven: Sonata in A Major Op.30 no.1 for violin & piano
5. Allegro
6. Adagio molto espressivo
7. Allegretto con variazioni
J. Stahuljak: Sonata for violin and piano Op.11
8. Lento. Allegro moderato
9. Andante sostenuto
10. Allegro
P.I. Tschaikovsky: Op. 34 for violin and piano
11. Valse-scherzo
Bibi Pelić - violin  
František Malý - piano Listen to Samples and Buy
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