Music & Leadership

It's not the MBA that makes a great leader. A great leader learns from many different fields literature, art, music, history geography etc. By acquiring knowledge from these fields a great leader gains the creativity and innovation, necessary for creating a successful business environment, and to develop into someone who is more aware and ready to face the business world's fast-changing dynamic environment. The arts break ground and bring human consciousness to a new level. It opens doors to thought, invention and communication.


'Music and Leadership' created and led by classical violinist and internationally awarded artist Bibi Pelić, are music presentations addressed to business leaders and managers,  using music as a metaphor for solving key business issues: leadership, teamwork, personal development, cultural diversity...

The objective of these presentations is to create inspirational and creative corporate training experiences based on the similarities between music and business.

The 'Music and Leadership' program includes workshops and seminars, concert lectures, music presentations, speech, providing business leaders and managers a unique insight into the world of music and explain why music is valuable for today's world of business.

Music and business, are both global forces, transcending language, national and religious boundaries. The world of music provides many examples of leadership and of people working together to create great achievements. Executives and musicians face common issues at their workplace, in dealing with teamwork, change, achieving performance value, competing to succeed. Music and musicians offer unique insights– how to listen, communicate and cooperate with others, use their imagination, create or solve problems. As American conductor Leonard Bernstein pointed out the importance of "interdisciplinary values", saying "that the best way to 'know' a thing is in the context of another discipline."

By looking into the work of the conductor and orchestra, the string quartet, music composition, Music & Leadership offers the executive a new way of thinking about business – a new platform for discussion on key business issues.

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