Bibi's Music Workshop

Bibi's Music Workshop is an enjoyable and educational way of learning to appreciate music.

In the form of a lecture illustrated with music examples and show-tell demonstrations the workshop introduces you to different music topics ranging from music history to the insider's view of music making itself.


By attending these workshops you will learn useful information to appreciate a concert you go to, a CD you have at home or to take up an instrument you always wanted to. Also-you will also have the opportunity to ask questions about music that you have always wanted to ask!

Bibi's Music Workshop is a part of Bibi's Concert Series aiming to promote the understanding and appreciation of classical music.

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Selection of lecture topics:

  • Introduction; History of Music up to the Middle Ages
  • History of Music from the Middle Ages to the Classical Period
  • History of Music from the Romantic Period to Present day music
  • Musical Shapes and Forms
  • The Orchestra
  • Going to a Concert
  • Czech Music
  • The Opera
  • The Ballet, Musicals & Classical music in movies
  • The Performer-Great performers of Classical Music
  • The Great Symphonic Composers
  • Vocal Music
  • Chamber Music
  • Violin & other string instruments
  • Piano & other string instruments
  • The Fundamentals of Music
  • Famous concert pieces
  • Gallery of composers

Read Bibi's interview about her workshops : "Classical music made easy" - The Prague Post August 28, 2002

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