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Newsletter  December  2013

Dear Friends,

Recently, while researching various music history  literature for a project, I came upon an interesting book written by Carl Maria von Weber, an eminent German composer of the early 19th century. In his book he imagines the instruments of the orchestra talking and discussing between each other.  This idea fascinated me as every instrument is a strong personality with very different traits and temperamentcharacter so I have been thinking how colourful, lively, creative the discussion would be. Could we do something similar? Perhaps think of people around us, people we work with and imagine we are music instruments. What ideas would we come up with? Could we achieve a shift in creative thinking?

What's up this month?

Bach & Bar Concert December 15

It is my great pleasure to invite you to my upcoming concert event 'Bach & Bar' on December 15 in the unique setting of Bar and Books in Prague.

Together with Mathieu Guillemin on the cello, we will premiere classical music pieces for the first time arranged for the violin and cello.

Early booking is recommended.

 Looking for gifts?

If you are looking for unique gifts for clients, friends that they will treasure forever, check out my Music Store - all my recorded music is available to download. Listen to samples and  make your personal choice and create a Christmas favourite mix!

My personal recommendations are the violin & piano CD As You Like It - a great mix of different genres and my latest CD 'Let's Play Concertos!

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Music & Leadership Tip - improve your public speaking with new colours

Lately I have had a number of clients helping them improve their public speaking skills. One thing I noticed with most trainees was that the sound of their voice was monotone, they speak with, as I metaphorically tell them ' with one colour' . To captivate our audience we need to speak 'with various colours'. Implementing various techniques to achieve a colourful presentation, my trainees saw/heard an immediate result. The presentation opened up leaving the trainees with a happy, satisfied smile.

I am offering till 31 January a special offer for public speaking coaching. Feel free to contact me for further information.

Wishing you a happy and joyful holiday season!


About Bibi

Bibi PelicConcert violinist, citizen of the world!

I have been fortunate from early age to have travelled around the globe and to live in different countries and continents, from Sydney, Australia to Vienna, Austria. What do I do? Foremost am a performing and recording artist seeking through music to make people happy.

I also lecture/coach business people on key business issues based on the similarities between music and business. As Leonard Bernstein wisely said "The best way to 'know' a thing is in the context of another thing"

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December 15

Bach & Bar Concert

Bach & Bar

Music for the Holiday Season Recommendation

Check out the CD Album As You Like It

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Would you Like To Improve Your Public Speaking Skills?

Special offer till January 31. Feel free to contact me for further information.


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